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Emma playing with her sister, Stevie, in her therapy seat.
Hope, clinging to life in the NICU.
Cerebral Palsy & Disability
Facebook My goal is making the burden lighter through humor. Follow Emma and Hope and enjoy our daily updates.
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Joni and Friends the #1 disability ministry in the world.
United Cerebral Palsy.
Associated Conditions of Cerebral Palsy.
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation.
Easter Seals.
Our-kids.org Support group for families with special needs children.

Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes
Gales Creek Camp for Kids with Diabetes.
The Iacocca Foundation What you didn't know about the man behind the Mustang and the minivan, the former CEO of Chrysler and his wife who died of Type 1 diabetes.

We are not Alone (other families with special "angels")
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Emma's Journey - One girl's journey to teach the world tolerance, acceptance and love Half way across the country another Emma with severe cerebral palsy making the world a better place. We love you girl!
Ashley-Pipecleaner Dreams Single mom in Canada raising 5 children, 4 of who have disabilities. She adopted a severely disabled child and describes herself as "the luckiest person in the world".
Zoe's Journey with Microcephaly How does Zoe's mother feel about this, "We love her just the way she is."
Karen-Whispersofhope.org Encouraging words from a friend who has lived with CP for over 50 years.
Meniere's Disease
Meniere's Disease Everything you ever wanted to know.